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A very thorough talk on 15 minute cities, smart cities, C40 Cities.
Going through this document shows how we will own noting and be completely controlled by government. See Links to the Right.


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February 1, 2024: My guest this week is Lisa Miron, LLB, LLM, BSC in Environmental Science, litigation lawyer, activist and writer. She practiced law in the auto sector and ran her own law firm for 11 years. She’s a wife, a mother and a Christian and a very proud Canadian. We discuss C40 cities, the Global Covenant of Mayors and the plans being implemented by globalists in the WEF and other transnational influencers to control your spending, your eating, your clothing, your travel and your communications.

Obama: "People are too small minded to govern themselves"

What do we Canadians say to that??

Canadians Dis-Agree with you Obama!!!