Governments are failing at their core responsibilities.

That needs to change.

The responsibilities of governments arise from two core principles upon which our society is founded:

  • that every person is a separate valued being with rights that can not be violated; and 
  • that governments were created for the purpose of protecting those rights.                                

Our Action Plan

Civis4reform is a national network of citizen-led councils.

Our action plan is to engage across all segments of society to bring about reform in our political system. 

The first priority is to establish CATCs councils in all 338 Federal Ridings.  By establishing councils in communities across the country, the voice of citizens will be heard.

Once councils are established, the first phase of the Action Plan is to begin engaging with our elected representatives.  Citizens will once again play an active role in deciding what is in the best interest of our own communities.

With a revitalized culture of civic engagement Civis4Reform will introduce Civis Assemblies across the country where true debate can take place.

The reform of our political and institutional systems will place citizens at their rightful place in the governance of their communities and the country.

Our Purpose

The political party system has failed us. Civic duty and citizen engagement is the foundation for political reform. 

Civis4reformis your way to be a part of a pro-active solution to take our country back. 

In communities across the country, councils will be established, forming a national network of active Canadians.

The road to reform begins with each of us. Community Accountability and Transparency Councils, or CATCs, is your place to have your voice heard.

Our purpose is to reform the political system of our country, fostering a culture of civic engagement across all levels of society.

“Alone, we can do so little; 
together, we can do so much.”

Helen Keller