Help Steer Your Course - Join your Local Council today

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Civis4reform is a citizen-led,  national network who want to bring reform to the country’s political system. 

Our Three Pillars of Future Governance:

  1. Community Accountability and Transparency Councils or CATCs

 2. Citizens’ Assemblies

 3. System Reform

Your engagement begins by joining a local CATCs in your community. This is your opportunity to have your voice heard. 

CATCs’ mission is to establish a national network of local councils whose members will engage across all segments of our society: social, political, institutional, and corporate. 

To influence the future, we must engage in the present. 

What is expected when I join CATCs?

Different ways to become engaged:
1. Join a local council,
2.Start a local council,

For some it means going to local council meetings, asking questions, talking to your elected representatives. For others, who are less comfortable with a public role, it can mean helping organize and participate in the many committees and initiatives. There is a place for everyone.

Once you confirm you are interested, you will be invited to join our national council weekly on-line meeting for a meet and greet where you can listen and share insights. If, after participating in the meeting, you feel CATCs is right for you, an enrollment form will be sent explaining how the local councils work.

Yes, I would like to attend a national council meet and greet meeting.

Why I Joined Civis4Reform

Diane-FF-Halifax, NS